Monday, December 5, 2011

Reverb11~ December 5 – Sueño (Dream)

What was your dream come true in 2011? What is your wildest dream for 2012?

I have been extremely blessed this past year. Many things have occurred in my life which has allowed me to not only change my beliefs and expectations (resulting in much more happiness and contentment and much less drama), but have spurred me into actually moving towards my dreams (as opposed to just talking about them). As I mentioned before, I ran my very first marathon in June. It was a dream come true and a pivotal point in 'proving' to myself that I am capable of over-coming my self-imposed doubts and limitations. I was surrounded by friends and loved ones and I was fortunate enough to run it with a wonderful friend, truly a blessed event.

But something else occurred which I never thought would happen. My boyfriend of 2 and 1/2 years proposed. I was shocked and amazed and certain that he was just kidding. When we first started dating we had discussed marriage and his utter disdain for it, basically letting me know up front that if I ever wanted to get married we shouldn't date. Having been married before, I had no desire to do it least not any time soon. Fast forward two fantastic years later, to the banks of Lake Michigan, while we were on vacation visiting his brothers, that man got down on his knee, held up a beautiful ring and asked me to be his wife. And he wasn't joking. I might not have led on that I had been secretly hoping and dreaming of to be his wife, but this is hands-down my dream come true for 2011.

I said "yes"!
My wildest dream for next year?? To climb Mt. Shasta (finally), to "retire" from my regular job at the end of 2012 when my fiance retires so we can hit the road in our RV and travel the country (poor but happy) and to find a source of income to help fund the great RV adventure. I am frightened and thrilled about the future, trying to find a healthy balance of planning yet living in the now. But one thing is for sure, I will have my best-friend by my side and, with him, anything is possible.

Mt Shasta
Photo Credit: The Enneagram Center


  1. I think climbing Mt Shasta would be awesome!. Side note: my husband of 19 years told me he wasn't looking for a serious relationship when we first kissed (I told him, well I didn't ask for one and the rest is history)- love your blog and you have some exciting things coming up in your life for sure!

  2. this post has me grinning ear to ear. That look of excitement on your face and complete and utter pride on your fiance's is priceless. I hope you are as forever happy as in that photo, Lynn. You deserve nothing less.

  3. Congratulations Lynn!!! That is wonderful news!
    Wow you are taking a leap of adventure in the RV travels, but it sounds so awesome!! I hope your able to keep blogging along the way so we know what your up to!

  4. Thank you so much Sheri. I do plan on blogging during our adventures. I think being on the road will provide a lot of inspiration. =)

  5. Awww, you are so sweet Ellen. I can certainly say that he makes me smile like that more often than not!

  6. Yes! I have been enthralled with Mt. Shasta for several's so beautiful and serene sitting out there all by itself. I hope to make that dream come true. Congrats on the 19 years of marriage...obviously us gals must be pretty awesome to change the guy's minds!! =) Wishing you many, many more!


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