Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10 ~ reverb11 ~ Ananda (Joy)

A positive frame of mind is a habit. How have you silenced the propaganda factory of negativity with positive thought and behavior in your life in 2011? How has this changed your day-to-day being?

Half Moon Bay girl's weekend
I think it's funny when I hear people talk of their desire to "just be happy" yet surround themselves with so much negativity that it really does appear that they thrive on drama.  I spent much of my late 30's cutting out such drama...letting go of toxic friendships, relationships and even releasing myself from the guilt I placed on my soul when I decided to take a step back from certain family members who had a way of bringing out the worst in me.

This past year I've taken this a step further by stopping my magazine subscriptions (the one's that are always talking about how to be prettier, skinnier, a better lover...etc) and even unsubscribing from a few blogs that left me feeling negative.  I love sarcasm...I really do...but I caught myself almost mimicking the constant negative rants on a couple of blogs I followed.  With the desire to be funny, I found that it sounded like I hated everything (while I also came across as a judgmental b&^#$). 

Half Moon Bay...2 girls, a few hours of sunshine, a couple of bikes on the beach...a joyful memory to last a lifetime.
On a whole, I am in such a good place, able to find beauty and joy in both the simple and grand, that it has become easier to identify and silence the negativity when it tries to creep inside.  Those moments of meditation and contemplation, whether on the yoga mat, sitting in silence, listening to Sri Guru Gita or even during a long run, keep me in the present...aware of the fact that joy and happiness are a choice and it does not serve me to give that control to someone (or something) else.

Morro Bay

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