Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9 ~ reverb11 ~ Listo (Resourcefulness)

How resourceful were you in 2011? What new ways could you incorporate resourcefulness into 2012?

(Special thanks to Heidi Johnson for providing today’s prompt.)

2011 has been a wonderful, yet scary, introduction to learning how to be resourceful.  Between my work hours reduction (and therefore, pay) followed by a city-wide reduction in pay that affected our household income dramatically, we have had to learn how to do more with less.  But it has also helped to prepare us for my fiance's upcoming retirement...the one where I also quit working and we hit the road in a 32 foot R.V. with our dog, 2 cats and all of our worldly possessions.

Miso, Avi and Cleo in the R.V.
Earlier this year we went through our houseful of belongings and held a huge yard sale.  We also sold several items on Craig's List and eBay.  It was amazing to see all that we had acquired and thought was important to hold on to due to sentimental reasons.  It was liberating to unload so much 'baggage'.  And, after selling of things in a rush, we've learned that we would have to be more resourceful and figure out how to make due since we can't start to accumulate more at this point.

A 32 foot R.V. may seem big, until you try to fit in everything you think you need or want.  Things now have dual purposes and storage areas are utilized based on need and not so much location...i.e. it's okay to use drawers in the 'bedroom' as a pantry.
The Mutiny...our soon-to-be full-time home.
2012 will really be the test for us and I foresee much more opportunity to be resourceful as we prepare for the ultimate road trip and seek out work trade opportunities which will allow us to travel and stay in places like Alaska and the Florida Keys.  

“What you seek, exists within you. Every resource you need is available to you.” ~Marcia Wieder

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