Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31 ~ reverb11 ~ Fiesta (Celebration)

What are you celebrating today? What will you celebrate in 2012?

2011 has been an amazing year brining so many reasons for celebration. Of course, not every thing has been unicorns and candy our household we've been prey to major pay cuts, my loss of health care coverage, selling off of treasured items (due to the impending loss of our house) as well as hurt feelings, bad days and your 'typical' stresses. But, on the same hand, no one close to me passed away (everyone has been exceptionally healthy), we still have our jobs, we've managed to travel and visit with family, we purchased the perfect R.V. (our future home), there was an engagement and a wedding...and today is my husband's 49th birthday.

My dare-devil husband, scaling the frozen waterfall for a cool picture!
As I've mentioned before, my husband and I have a knack for making an ordinary day into an event. I mean to say, if you can change your perspective, release some of your expectations and slow down enough to see the beauty of the day or the person next to you or the fact that you can feel the breeze tease your hair and the sun warm your face, the ordinary doesn't seem so ordinary any more.

Our "ski" themed wedding in Tahoe ended up with 50 degree weather and no snow. But we found a beach, got some sun and enjoyed a was perfect!
Our time in Tahoe has reacquainted us to the wonders of nature...but you don't need to be lost in the woods to experience this, it's around you all of the time. From the flower pushing through the cracked cement to the sound of a bird singing over the hum of's there.

Amazingly beautiful rock formations near Mt. Tallac. 
So, in 2012 I will be celebrating each day that I am blessed to see.  I'll be celebrating liberation from the confines of an over-priced home with it's inflated gas and electric bills, liberation from societal expectations on what constitutes a home and what kind of belongings people should own...liberation from debt.  And, by this time next year (actually November 2012) we will be celebrating retirement and heading off in our R.V. for anywhere and every where.

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  1. It's neat to read about your snow-less vacation in Tahoe, too. I agree on the importance of dropping your expectations of what a holiday in Tahoe should be like, and just treasuring what it is. Happy new year!


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