Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Simplifying simplifying...

Following up on my post about my New Years "Intentions", specifically simplifying and paying off all remaining debt, I came across two interesting suggestions. One was during a conversation at a get-together this past weekend regarding decluttering your closet. For those of us who are packrats hanging on to clothes in hopes that they will 1- come back into style, 2- fit again one day (usually by magic) or 3- somehow look better on you then the last time you wore it (after all, it's practically brand new) the idea is to get rid of anything we haven't worn in 6 months (or a year if the seasons dictate a longer period of time). In order to help you know (without guessing) which articles of clothing need to get the boot (pun intended) you should take all of your clothes on hangers and hang them the wrong way on the rack (all of the hooks will now be facing you). As you wear a particular garment you can then turn their hanger around and in 6 months it will be a no brainer which items you aren't using and can now donate. Genius!

The ol' closet trick...
The second suggestion I read on Blogher, and dismissed at first, is that you buy nothing new for a month (or year) besides food, underwear, household consumables and emergency repair articles. Obviously, to be successful at any goal it should be challenging and yet still achievable lest you throw in the towel so I don't have the confidence to say that I will follow this pact to a T. As a matter of fact, part of my intent of this year is to take an inventory of my belongings to see what items I need to replace due to my impending lifestyle change.
Travel worthy, functional and cute! via Woolrich
As I was purging my closet this past weekend (getting ready for the big move into the RV), I realized that I wanted to give more attention to this idea. In my hall closet you will find half used bottles of shampoo, conditioner, fingernail polish in strangely similar shades, lotions for every skin type and body part and fairly new cosmetics (not expired). Since I was running out of my 'for-the-moment' favorite conditioner I decided right then and there that I would use all of the half used products in my closet before I purchased any new products.

Okay, my closet isn't this bad but you get the idea... (source)
Then I went downstairs and checked the pantry. Again I was faced with jars, boxes and bags of foods we haven't used, but are still good. Day after day I struggle to think of something new and exciting to make for the hubby's dinner and totally disregard the ingredients I already have on hand. So, I am going to apply the same thinking, to a certain extent, to using my pantry items. With the help of the internet this won't be as hard as it may seem at first glance. There are plenty of recipe sites in which you can type in a few of the ingredients you have on hand and it will direct you to the appropriate recipe section.

Getting in touch with my slavic heritage...Buckwheat Groats!
It feels kinda nice to have some specific things to strive for that will help me get ready for our exciting future on the road. It keeps in line with my intentions for year by saving me money, clearing up space in my house and mind (hanging on to clutter really does weigh on a person's psyche whether you know it or not) and being environmentally friendly.

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