Monday, January 9, 2012

31 Days of Adventure ~ Day 8

Day 8 | January 8

Expand Your Circle

Today’s adventure comes from our very first guest contributor, Katie Levy. Katie is a Philadelphia-based outdoor addict with a passion for playing outside and sharing that passion with others.

She believes there's no such thing as an adventure too small to have, or to share. She's a climber, hiker, backpacker, sort-of mountaineer, CrossFit enthusiast and founder of Adventure-Inspired. We’re delighted to welcome her to 31 Days of Adventure.
From Katie:
“Have breakfast, lunch or dinner with someone you don’t know well. Whether it’s the colleague you’ve been meaning to get to know, or an acquaintance you made at a recent social event, take the opportunity to spend time with someone outside your normal circles.”

Yesterday (Day 8...yes, I know I'm behind, as usual)...I did not have the opportunity to have a meal with anyone but I did engage in conversation with not one, but two different neighbors. Although these people aren't strangers to me, I'm quite a bit of an introvert so to actually stand and have interaction with these people (beyond "good morning") was more then I would normally do.

I then ventured to Costco to stock up on some cooking supplies and made an effort to have a brief conversation with two complete strangers. It may not have been much, but it was outside of my comfort zone...score!

And, to top things off, an old friend from my high school in Alaska, Jody, has invited me to attend Winter Wineland this coming weekend. Although our high school was tiny Jody was a year behind me so we didn't have classes together. Her brother and sister (twins) were in my graduating class but I still knew Jody and spoke to her in school and at the gym. Also, if you've read anything about my past you know that I spent very little of my senior year in school so this is definitely going to be an adventure to spend the entire day together. Fortunately, through blogging, tweeting and Facebook, we've managed to catch up and have found we seem to have a lot in of those things being wine!

Kim, me and Jody 2009
I am really looking forward to spending some time with Jody, something we've promised to try to do for about a year now. After all, we both live in California, about an hour away from each other and 3000 miles away from the school we both graduated from!

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