Thursday, May 26, 2011


Without being too graphic, I had a blister underneath the callous that has been building up on the ball of my right foot.  I know because I relieved the pressure (popped it) last night.  Gross, yes but also necessary.  It is a delicate balance at this point, keeping healthy and eating properly while tapering down the mileage 2 weeks before the big event.

It's been impossible to ignore any little aches and pains going on, using the foam roller for stretching, running a snail's easy pace, taking extra Vitamin C, and scheduling chiropractic appointments.  I get up in the morning thinking about how my knees feel, and wondering if my feet are sore from that last 6 mile run or from wearing heels to work the day before.  Then I wonder if I should be wearing my Earth Shoes (not very trendy but at least they make my BF laugh hysterically) so I don't do anything stupid like twist my ankle or cause unnecessary foot pains.   It's not like I'm naturally clumsy...I can't remember a time I actually sprained my ankle walking in heels.  So, perhaps I am just being ridiculous about this whole thing.

Ohhhh, feels so good on the IT Band.

But, this is what I am good at...worrying about things that haven't happened, and most likely, won't happen. I suppose it allows me to move the focus off of other important things I should be cleaning, doing laundry, getting ready for our huge yard sale, researching future travel plans, and planning for our upcoming early semi-retirement (more on that later).   You see, this whole tapering thing basically equates to purposely being lazy...and this laziness has spilled over into 'real' life.  Only 10 more days...I think the dust can wait.

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