Sunday, May 22, 2011

She's got legs...

One of the major benefits of Team in Training is meeting all of the amazing people.  As we approach the big day (the marathon is 14 days away), a few of us who have become close have decided to stay in touch and continue some level of training in the future.  So, it only seems appropriate that Stephi, our Community (Spirit) Team Leader is keeping us on track by offering daily challenges.  These are random challenges that so far have ranged from doing 50 push-ups in one day to emotional challenges like today's, to find the one thing you love about your body and to say something nice about one you dislike about your body.   

Me in the AWESOME Jofit Skort I won on Life After Bagels Blog.

So, since I've been trying to blog more I thought I'd do my challenge right here.  Surprisingly, the thing I like the most about my body came pretty legs.  I've always had pretty nice legs, gymnastics, horseback riding and various forms of working out over the years have helped (and genetics).  But now that I've been training hard for 16 weeks and have a bit of a tan I can say that they are pretty awesome...strong, defined, and muscular.

The Giggling Marlin, Cabo San Lucas May 2011 (me center).

Now, to pick one thing I DON'T stomach/waist.  Here is my letter to my belly...

Dear Belly,

Thank you for being a part of me, for allowing me to experience butterflies, for telling me with your rumblings that I need to nourish my body, and for giving my kitty cats (and sometimes my boyfriend) a comfy place to lay their heads.  And lastly, for housing my intestinal fortitude!



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