Monday, May 30, 2011

As sharp as a butter knife...

T-minus 6 days!
So, I may not be the sharpest tack in the box as I was reminded out Saturday afternoon.  It was my last long run before the upcoming marathon as well as our "send off party" for those of us in Team in Training who will be headed to San Diego this weekend for our event.  Being Memorial Day Weekend, there was a large parade going on downtown...right between where I live and where I needed to be for training.  I decided to go the back way (country roads) and to stop by the grocery store in the next town over to get some fruit salad for the pot-luck party immediately following our run.

My addiction.
Well, since I was at the store anyway I decided to pick up some Vibranz Kombucha (who could pass those up??) and some energy bars which were so nicely displayed in the Heath Food section.  Now, I have made my own energy bars based off of the Thrive book and they've been very tasty, but they require more time then I had at the moment.  So, I figured I would just grab a few prepackaged bars and rush off to the park for training.

My race singlet!
After training (8 miles) and a great send off picnic I was home putting away my running gear when I finally took a good look at my new bars.  Every single one of them lists honey as the sweetener and while I usually wouldn't have a problem with that, I did just post on here that I wanted to clean up my eating and get back to a more Vegan eating plan.  And honey doesn't cut it when eating vegan.

Who invited these guys to the picnic?
I was so disappointed since I was thinking about photographing my new bars and doing my own version of a taste test/review post.  Well, I didn't take a picture of them because I honestly don't think I will buy them again anyway.  I can't say that I won't eat them...after all, it's not likely my BF will (he's more of a cookie/donut fan) but I did go grocery shopping yesterday and picked up the ingredient to make those Thrive bars today.

I did take a picture of some of my racing fuel I WILL be using.  Admittedly, the Honey Stinger brand energy chews and waffles have been much better on my system as a fuel source during long runs than those Gu's and Gels so I may just have to accept that honey will be a part of my life, at least for the next week.

My non-vegan stash.
I know that this isn't a huge deal for most people, and I am trying to just take it all in stride because, really, my goal is to be healthy, fit, happy, and full of energy.  And while I may not fit into any 'slot' (vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian, etc.) I won't let that put a damper on achieving my goals.  For my next {and last} marathon in October, I do plan on sticking with Vegan 'fuels' {for a sampling of Vegan fueling recipes I invite you to visit the No Meat Athlete blog}.  Maybe then I can do a comparison blog afterwards!


  1. Can't wait to read about the marathon afterwards. You've worked so hard, Lynn. Countdown is ON!!


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