Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Follow Through

Yesterday was another day of testing out my baby steps approach to goal accomplishment. Note that I didn't say goal 'setting'...I feel that I am quite well versed in that area having been an active member of Raymond Aaron's Monthly Mentor program as well as (over) researching the many other methods of goal setting from visualization to dream boards.

I started small, like itty-bitty, looking up the web site of the organic farm I pass by every day to see what they sell time of year, especially since their "open" sign seems to be inviting me to stop by. What I found was pretty fresh, pasturized chicken eggs AND whole humanely raised butchered chickens (Eeek!!! I don't eat meat other then fish but, I might consider getting one for the boyfriend to see how he likes "real" chicken). They also sell olive oil processed from the olives grown on site. Later in the year they will be offering a co-op style vegetable and egg program, something I am already looking forward to. I decided to stop by on my way home from work to buy a dozen eggs. Greeted by some dogs, kittens and several curious chickens I felt that this was a step in the right direction, a small step toward my health goals, with the added benefit of supporting local, organic farmers, and a little accomplishment in the area of 'follow through'.

Next, I *forced* myself to get on the treadmill for a quick run before heading out to a Team In Training meeting. Believe me, this was a HUGE struggle because all I wanted to do was #1-eat anything salty and carb loaded and #2-snuggle up in front of the fire and veg-out. I dutifully climbed the stairs and changed into my running clothes (I might have been mumbling something about how stupid running is and that I should probably take the night off). Let me tell you, there is something about putting on my running shoes that makes it seem unacceptable and completely pitiful to NOT then go run.

I did the 3-2-1 intervals I read about on Iowa Girl's blog. After a 5 minute warm up I proceeded with:
3 minutes @ 6.0 mph
2 minutes @ 7.3 mph
1 minutes @ 8.0 mph
Repeated 4 times
2 minutes @ 6.0 mph
Cool Down

In 31 minutes of running, I had covered 3.5 miles. By the way, I always set my treadmill to a minimum of a .5% incline in an attempt to compensate for the self-propulstion. Not too bad for a 'quick' run although I felt, at times, that my legs would spin right off me while running 8 mph.

After a quick toweling off I was racing off to the library for the Team In Training meeting. I'd really love to complete a marathon and TNT has an incredible training program and support system. It's the fund-raising part that scares the hell out of me. Even though it is a wonderful cause and I lost a dear friend to Lukemia 2 years ago, I am very intimidated by the whole fund raising process. Regardless of my fears, I registered for the program with my sites set on a full marathon at the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in June. It is a baby step for me, considering the registration was only $20.11 (normally $100 for a first-timer). Fund raising can start ASAP (see the widgets and links posted everywhere) with a website and mentored help available by the end of this month. Also, my other challenges (10,000 kettlebell swings and the 21 Days of yoga) will be completed BEFORE the actual marathon training begins.

Oh, I almost forgot...I came home and ate a quick, protein filled dinner (taco salad with veggie crumbles AND a (fake) chicken breast and then pumped out 500 kettlebell swings...3670 down and 6330 to go!!! I wonder what today will have in store for me??

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  1. Lynn, I am so happy your blogging! Also, you did a fantastic job making the tough decision in going to run rather than vegging and eating. I know how hard that is when you really want to just sit there.

    That is neat that you signed up for a Marathon and helping research for Leukemia at the same time!


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