Saturday, April 30, 2011

What have I done?!?!

It's official, I'm running in the Nike Women's Marathon October 11, 2011!!  The random lottery drawing was on Apr. 27th and our group was notified first thing in the morning.  

As soon as I got the notification of acceptance into Nike I was thrilled.  I mean, so many people were already posting on Facebook their disappointment in not getting selected and here it was, my very first time entering the lottery, and our group got selected!  But then reality set in.  There will be no 'break' after the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon on June 5.  You see, I was going to apply to be a mentor for Team in Training for the summer session (which would have also secured me a spot in Nike) but I wanted/needed to take a short break from all of the training.  The running part isn't all that bad, although a short break from high miles to work out some kettle bells would be great to help with my dream beach body.  But the schedule can be a grueling...Thursday night track and Saturday morning long runs that, at 16+ miles, adds up to a long day and does interfere with any potential weekend adventures.  So I had promised the BF I would NOT do TNT this summer so that we would be free to travel, camp, BBQ, and spend some much needed and wanted time together.


And then I got selected for Nike.  Great news on one hand, huge time commitment on the other.  Don't get me wrong...I am THRILLED to be running Nike (and equally thrilled to be getting one of the coveted Tiffany necklaces at the finish line) and I wouldn't pass up this opportunity, after all, most of my TNT girlfriends will be there too.  My BF is super supportive even if he DOES chide me about how much time I will still need to commit to training.  The really good news is that after Jun 5 I will have the flexibility to train on the days of the week that won't interfere with any travel plans.  It will definitely require great discipline on my part and I will be doing some buddy runs with my old TNT friends and perhaps getting some help from the Fleet Feet running group.

Registration PAID, no backing out!

So, here it is, my 40th year of life, trying to accomplish a few things on the bucket list (like run a marathon) and it turns out I will actually be running TWO!  And, just for good measure, I've also agreed to be part of a Tough Mudder team competing in a 10-12 mile obstacle course run at Squaw Valley in September.


But first, we are off to Cabo this coming Friday (and yes, I will be bringing my running shoes)! 


  1. Well done Lynn!!! I am so proud of you! You have come so far in such a short time I've known you.

  2. Lynn, SO proud of you. You are doing things that I'm still dreaming about. I count on your blog posts as my source of encouragement. Thank you. And have a great time in Cabo. My husband and I are looking for somewhere exotic to go, so when you get back you might be hearing from me :)


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