Monday, April 18, 2011

Why yes, I AM a runner...thank you for asking.

A wonderful thing has finally happened to me...I have become a true runner.  I know what you're thinking..."Lynn, you've been running for years, we've seen you post about it and you're training for a marathon this summer".  But you see, I have never really considered myself a runner.  Sure, I ran.  I ran to lose weight, or at least NOT gain weight while allowing me to eat a little extra now and then.  But I kinda loathed it, having to bribe myself into running with some kind of reward, like being able to watch TV afterwards or maybe treating myself to half a glass of wine.
Benicia State Park

Somewhere along the way, by training with Team in Training, something amazing happened.  I realized one day that I actually wanted to go for a run.  Almost like my body craved it...very much unlike the feeling of needing to run (or work out) to justify what I ate that day.  I have been very loyal to my marathon training.  Our coaches provided us with a monthly training schedule and I have stuck with it for 11 weeks straight only missing 2 workouts due to a cold. 

We ran regardless of the weather...
Track night in the rain and cold.

We ran together for support...

Coleen and me at Cuttings Wharf in Napa

We ran in costume....

Who DOESN'T run in tu-tus and leis in the rain?

I even got to run with a cape! 
I won the Spirit Award allowing me to run my 12 mile long run with a cape!

And when I went camping last week I managed to find some trails that worked for an impromptu track workout and long run...
A good spot for some lounges.

This trail is actually 550 miles long...I only needed 14 of those.
I can't say it's been easy, but it has been rewarding.  I truly never imagined that this shift would occur.  I thought I would always envy those 'real' runners while I plodded around 'pretending' to be one.  I know I am very hard on myself, something that may always be a work in process.  But I am surrounded by an amazing support system of team mates, and my wonderful boyfriend, who always make me feel like a super-star when I run.
The Team!

It's a great feeling and a true accomplishment for me.  There have not been many things in my life that I could comfortably feel I was 'good' at...horseback riding was about it...until now.  And it's not that I am a good runner...but I am a runner none-the-less.
Ok, sometimes the best part of the long run is taking off the shoes...(me in pink).


  1. You go girl!!! One day I want to be a runner too. Someday...maybe when I get off of GRAVEYARD shift!!! :)

  2. I hope you're beginning to find that comfortable feeling with writing as well Lynn, because you write beautifully. As far as your running, you've earned that badge of honor many times over. I'm so glad that this brings you so much joy and that you've got a great support team to back you up.

  3. Don't you love it when it all comes together? My first thought to your post was "if you didn't think you were a runner running 12 miles what does that make me?" :)

    However, as I read on I saw what you were truly meaning. I love to run, but I also have a hate relationship right now with it. I guess I am waiting for the fun easy runs to begin, but I don't think that will happen. LOL!

  4. hard work pays off and you did it! congrats on your milestone! :-)


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