Friday, February 11, 2011

Taking One for the Team

I sometimes forget things, which is why I have been carrying the Amy Knapp's family planner with me for the past 6 years (although I don't have a "family" per se to keep track of, just ME).  Yet, I still managed to forget that Tuesday was my first Farm Fresh to You CSA delivery.  Instead, I remembered Wednesday morning but was pleased to find that not only was my box delivered and waiting on the front porch, but the weather was reasonable and didn't destroy any of my beautiful veggies by sitting out all night!

The BEST carrots ever!
Even Miso loves her veggies!

Aside from a quick fried rice I made for dinner last night, those veggies will have to wait a few days before I can get creative and utilize all of that goodness.  It's been a busy week for training and Team in Training fundraising activities.  Tuesday night was a buddy run at a local park...and even though it was cold, extremely windy (gusts up to 40 mph!!!), and dark out I managed about 3.4 miles in our 30 minute run.  Then I was home to make dinner for the BF and me (he works swing shift so dinner is about 9:30pm), clean up and catch up on blog stuff (mostly reading).

After work Wednesday, there was a fully body kettlebell workout with Lauren Brook's DVDs (Vol 1 and 2) followed by some light house cleaning and envelope addressing for TNT.  Thursday was a big day of finishing my fundraising letters...addressing and stuffing 150 envelopes!  I had to take a break to run to the court house to get some necessary paperwork to update my passport (Cabo trip in May!!!), grab a late lunch at Chipotle, and go grocery shopping.  Let me tell you, it was very strange to skip the whole produce section at the store since my fridge is full from my CSA delivery!!!

Exactly 150 letters, now give me my t-shirt!

Hmmmm, he looks suspiciously like my BF!
After unloading the groceries I forced myself to do a 31 minute interval run on the treadmill...I really lacked motivation and even resorted to whining a little bit to the BF.  But he didn't fall for it, announcing that it will not be because if his sheer laziness that I fail to accomplish my goal.  Thursdays are a normally scheduled run and will be held as group runs at the track starting next week so I might as well get used to them.  Besides, I feel like I'm no longer running just for me...I have a team now and honorees that I am running for who keep me going when I want to quit.  As a matter of fact, my honoree, Josh, had a chemo treatment on Wednesday...poor little guy.  His reward was to go where ever he wanted for lunch, which was Fresh Choice (most likely for the soft-serve ice cream) so the least I could do was drag my lazy butt on to the treadmill...after all, my struggle would only be for 30 minutes, his has been going on for 2 years so far.

Josh, my honoree!

My Thursday Dreadmill Interval Run:

Total:3.5 miles

I'd also like to mention that Life as Kristina is having an AWESOME giveaway with her favorite protein powder, Mung and Black Bean Pasta and chocolates (yes...I said CHOCOLATES).  The drawing will be on Feb. 15.  Check it out here!!


  1. Love the post...that doggie does look like C!!! Great Joshie picture :)


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