Friday, April 5, 2013

Don't Call It a Comeback...

I've had quite a long (unplanned) hiatus from my blogs (I also write at Tales From the Mutiny). I partially blame our travels...we hit the road October 3, 2012 in our 32-foot RV, The Mutiny, which left us without internet much of the time. But part of it has been sheer laziness. I know I'm not the only one who finds that they can fill their days with plenty of busy work to avoid doing other writing. I don't want to call this a comeback because I really didn't leave my blog or abandon my's always there in my thoughts...every day. I just got really, really shall we say...sidetracked.

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Although writing is one of my passions I still have mini panic attacks when I write, publish posts or submit articles for Elephant Journal. I'm always afraid that no one will care, my article will be rejected or that failure in some form or another is just around the corner. I also have a problem with keeping a journal to jot down all of the brilliant ideas and thoughts I have throughout the day...the ones I'm sure would make a fabulous entry. Then, when I sit at the computer my mind seems as blank as the screen. And I want to kill that flashing cursor.

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One of my sewing projects, making reusable shopping bags out of old t-shirts.
So, I have been occupying my time with this busy, reading articles and books, organizing the RV, remodeling the RV interior and sewing, which is totally new to me. The yoga part isn't really busy's a life line and it has helped me build some confidence. I did a month long yoga challenge (#yogaeverydamnday) and saw so much improvement that I became addicted. I took some time to work on a few balance poses which really helped me understand the concept of beginner mind. We can't start out as pro's in everything we do...there is always a learning curve.

In Mobile, Alabama

White Sands National Monument
I'm still trying to figure out this life balance. Sometimes the full-time RVing seems like a full-time job but then I realize how luck I am to be able to do this at my age. It's not fair to complain. And I know that I tend to procrastinate. I can only beat myself up about this so many times...

I am exploring and working hard at figuring out how to make this all work...the need to write, finding the inspiration and direction, staying creative, keeping positive and being fearless. I am experimenting with new passions and creative endeavors and am thankful for some new friends (and old) who help inspire me. I've also got a new gadget (Karma) which I am hoping will give me more reliable internet once we resume our travels.

I'm also trying to learn that life isn't always go...go...go. But that sometimes there is nothing wrong with taking a nap, laying in the sun, reading a book or doing a whole lot of nothing.

By the way, I am also on Instagram at lynnbonelli (isn't everyone??) and would love to follow you back so leave your user name in the comments!


  1. I LOVE your photo of the white sand! Wow, what a cool road trip to go on. I'd love to do something like that.

  2. Miss you....and COMPLETELY understand the horror of a blinking cursor. Totally my nemesis (well, that and a blank canvas).

  3. Love this post. I'm totes feeling the EXACT same way. I've been telling myself that I need to return back to yoga, and this week everywhere i turn i am seeing inspiring pictures calling me back. I too, need to find the balance. I'd love to follow you on Instagram. If you want to follow me back I'm at http://www.instagram/nickiwooguru I'll try to post something interesting:) Love your blog!

  4. Thank you!! It's been a great trip.

  5. Miss you too! Hoping I might have the Internet (or lack thereof) issue solved so I can stay in touch.

  6. Thanks so much! I found you in Instagram so I am stalking...I mean FOLLOWING you now! Now get on your mat (that goes for me too)!! =)


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