Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dog Days of Summer...

As the time nears for our {permanent} departure from California I feel a new panic...notsomuch of the unknown routes or how we are going to live off of just the hubby's retirement but in squeezing in all of the things we haven't done yet or want to 'do over'. I mean, I know we will most likely be back as we make lap after lap of the United States but I still feel like I might be missing out on something.

So, much to the husband's chagrin, I've been trying to plan about a hundred things for us to do in the next 3 months {while we are also working, planning the first leg of the journey, getting paperwork in order and getting all of our dental, medical and eye exams done before our insurance changes}. Oh, and don't let me forget that I am trying hard to maintain this blog and contemplating a second blog for our full-time RV adventures.

Here's just a few items on that list:
  1. Safari West
  2. The Ropes Course at Squaw Valley
  3. Fern Canyon in the Redwoods
  4. Climb/hike Mt. Diablo
  5. Climb Mt. Shasta
  6. Climb Mt. Whitney
  7. The Navitat Zip-Line at Wrightwood
  8. Kayak at Fallen Leaf Lake in Tahoe
  9. Camp on Angel Island and then ferry over to the Ferry Building for the Farmer's Market
  10. Golf at Mare Island
I know I can't convince him to do all the things on my wish-list but, much to my surprise, he did agree to go to Rodeo Beach in Marin last weekend.

Rodeo Beach is part of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.
The 'sand' at Rodeo is more like tiny worn pebbles...mesmerizing.
Source: Flickr
Thanks to an email from Weekend Sherpa, we took a very spontaneous trip to the coast. As the temperature was climbing in our little campsite we call home I casually mentioned the perfect way to escape the heat...and the clinker...we could take Cleo the Wonder Dog!! Besides, it was the last weekend the Hubs would have off after having surgery 3 weeks ago.

As soon as I heard the word "Okay" I was printing directions (which I then left sitting on the printer), throwing on the bikini, packing a fruit salad, some Steinbeck {Travels with Charley, of course} and, as an after thought, some pants and a long sleeved T. The Hubs packed the cooler, got the dog leash and then made sure I didn't forget my sunglasses (he's a Saint).

We didn't hit the road until 1:30 p.m. which is not typically the time beach-goers head out but, well...we like to go against the grain. On the way we "Yelped" to find a deli to stop at for a little picnic lunch {this is mandatory for a beach visit} and found a 5 starer in Novato.

Well...let me just tell you, if there is a special place we want to try...a cool spot we remember from a few years ago...or something different and new...that place will inevitably be closed or out-of-business and we proved this theory once again. The deli we had longed for, stomachs growling, blood sugar dropping...was closed.

But do not despair Dear Reader...we happened across another deli just 2 blocks away. But this wasn't any old deli...it was a real, authentic Italian deli called Tagliaferri's. Even with display cases full of salame, mortadella, prosciutto, soppressata and capocolla they also had a beautiful Italian Vegetarian sandwich with marinated portabella mushrooms, sweet red peppers and fresh, homemade mozzarella. My husband, who is Italian, was in heaven.

Tagliaferri's deli case.
With our sandwiches safely stowed we hit Highway 101, took the Sausalito exit and ventured over to Ft. Conkrite to find the fogged in, but beautiful, Pacific Ocean.

The Golden Gate Bridge...75 years old this year!
Fog creeping over the hills surrounding Ft. Cronkite and Rodeo Beach.
Rodeo Beach unveiled itself and the fog lifted enough that we didn't quite freeze to death. This beach is a mecca for dog lovers and boasts breeds from Goldendoodles to a trio of Corgi's to the cutest, scruffiest, ball-chasers you've even seen. Our dog you ask...well, we may have found a fabulous dog friendly beach but do not have a beach friendly dog.

Cleo with her Mohawk at half mast...always on alert.
Cleo & me...pretty much all of the other dogs were off leash and very well-behaved.
Cleo the Wonder Dog hated every minute of it...she pooped, she growled, she made her Mohawk stand full mast, she shivered and then she proceeded to be digusted with everything about the beach. We asked her lay down...she stood up. We asked her to walk...she laid down. We offered her a taste of salame and mozzarella...she turned her nose up!! If there ever was a question as to why we call female dogs bitches it was answered last Saturday on Rodeo Beach.

Kites at the beach...I love them!! One day I shall have my own...

Cleo refusing to look at the camera.

Cleo and the Hubby...

Now I better get going so I can plan our next adventure!!!


  1. I wanna go to the beach!!! Nice pic of the GGB!

  2. Just found you through Elephant Journal & started following- I recently also lost my now-sober addict father after a short, valiant battle with cancer. I clicked through to your blog & the ties continue- I'm in NorCal (& have done half the things on your bucket list) too! I live in Sonoma County- a little farther north than these pictures, but only about half an hour. Anyhow- I'm sorry for your loss & excited for your new chapter for you & your hubby. <3


  3. A second blog for your RV journey would be great. I hear those things are popular and they are a close knit bunch of people willing to help out when help is needed. Your list sounds fantastic. I'm sure you're getting crazy excited, embarking on this new adventure. Seems like this is a bit year for change for a lot of bloggers. I think that's a good thing :)

  4. Julie...it's so nice of you to visit my blog. It's amazing how small the world can seem and how connected we all really are. I've been reading through your site and am humbled by your words. I look forward to learning more. I too am sorry to hear about your father and hope he was able to find some peace before he passed. P.S. I live in Solano County. :)

  5. You want to hear something crazy?? I was JUST reading your latest post! Yes, it will be an interesting year for sure! So glad to be catching up with you!

  6. Thanks Lauren! It was pretty impressive to drive by and see it peeking through the fog like that.

  7. Love your blog and wanted to tell you that your last post really spoke to me. Thanks for sharing about your dad.

    On this post - the beach is my absolute favorite place to be.

  8. Thank you Diane! It's actually kind of nice to be able to finally talk about him, it's been a difficult couple of years since his death. And I agree, there is no place like the beach...


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