Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wallflowers Still Bloom...

While in the midst of writing a future blog post about how I seem to becoming more introverted as I age (as if that is even possible) I happened to enter and win 2 tickets to see attend a 'Live From the Artists Den' private concert and TV taping of The Wallflowers. As thrilled as I was to actually win something, I must admit that my first thought was 'well that's nice but I'm not going'...this being due to my recent 'homebodiness' which has left me with no desire to leave the confines of the RV we now call home.

Knowing how much my husband loves Bob Dylan (father of Jakob Dylan who is the lead singer of The Wallflowers) and the singer-song writers who persevere in a tough American Idol pop industry I mentioned that I won these tickets to him. However, he was scheduled for same day surgery 2 days prior to the concert and decided he most likely wouldn't be up for a trip to the City (San Fransisco). He mentioned this on Facebook where I got a response from fellow blogger and friend Lauren of me & my beautiful mess who said she would happily keep me company.

Lauren is very much into music and lyrics which really does make a huge difference when seeing a band like The Wallflowers. She has an eclectic taste in music so I knew this would enhance my concert experience. Besides, as a fellow blogger I knew that we could make this an adventure with no eye-rolling when I decided to take 4 pictures of our cocktails before we would be allowed to drink them. =)

My Pomegranate Martini sans the fancy glass.
Our little adventure actually started, for my 2 foot wide closet, which I proceeded to empty as I tried on everything I own. You see, the email confirmation stated the preferred attire was Smart-Casual. I admit here and now, I had to Google what that meant exactly. After going through my closet AND the extra clothing stashed in a storage space above the bed (remember, we are living in an RV full-time now), my husband finally offered to 'dress me'. Dark jeans, a black and purple satin top, long black belted cardigan, and my S & M'esque wedges. Not too practical for walking in San Francisco but they added just enough 'smart' to the casual look.

These make me no longer short.

Philz...not just for vegans.
Lauren and I left at 3pm even though the door didn't open until 7pm to allow for a stop at Bare Essentials and Philz Coffee in Berkeley. The hubs and I 'discovered' Philz during Outside Lands 3 year ago when, freezing to death, we found the only hot drink available at their vendor space. Now, whenever we venture to the City, Philz is on our places to stop. It was Lauren's first taste of Philz Mint Mojito Iced Coffee and I think she approved!

The always beautiful Bay Bridge
Some new art along the Embarcadero.
We hit some slow moving traffic at the Embarcadero only to find out the road was being closed due to a huge 4-Alarm fire at Pier 29. Not to be deterred, Lauren took to navigating the streets and found a way around the traffic, through China Town and North Beach to make sure we made it to our destination just in time.

Lauren made friends with the sweetest bathroom attendant ever while I ordered drinks. Bimbo's, where the concert was held, is a retro style venue that is perfect for that up close concert experience. The Wallflowers played several hits from Bringing Down the Horse (including One Headlight) as well as some of their new songs, which were awesome, rekindling my love for the band (of course it doesn't hurt that Jakob is still so dang cute).
Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess (Lauren)
When I got home and was telling Clark all about it I realized that the last time I saw The Wallflowers at The Fillmore they were filming the video for their song The Difference and tonight they were filming a lucky am I?!?

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