Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Life Changing Movie

Many of you may have already seen the movie Forks Over Knives but I wanted to pass along a link that will allow FREE viewing from now until April 16th. As much as I would like everyone to adopt a plant-based diet, I think the bigger issue right now is to just be educated on your current food choices.

We are often mislead by the media and industry sponsored studies, making an informed decision on what a healthy diet is almost impossible. I ask that you keep an open mind when viewing this movie, take the information and test it for yourself. Personally, I think our biggest failure comes from knowing how to cure ourselves yet choosing to continue down the unhealthy path.

For me, the one thing I know I can (and will) do, is to use my diet as medicine. If it can be prevented and/or cured by eating then it is within my power to do so.

I hope you enjoy this movie and that it helps you achieve your goals for a healthier and longer life.

1 comment:

  1. oh my gosh thanks for sharing this i have been dying to see it!!


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